LiquaShield Directions for Use

  1. For best results, remove side strips first.
  2. Remove overlapping strips last, then apply LiquaShield over the site to be protected.
  3. Do not over-stretch LiquaShield or apply over your site too tightly as this will not allow for body movement in the shower.
  4. Press and smooth over the outside edges to complete a water-tight seal.
  5. Some pleating may occur due to body contours and angles. If this happens, simply pinch and fold the pleats to ensure they are sealed.
  6. Do not use lotions or creams on skin before applying LiquaShield. Skin prep or rubbing alcohol may be used to absorb excess moisture from skin before application.
  7. Do not use excessively hot water as this could weaken the adhesive.
  8. LiquaShield is meant to be worn once while showering, then discarded after use. Re-using LiquaShield will decrease the product’s effectiveness and poses a risk for water entering the site that needs to be protected.
  9. Do not submerge LiquaShield under water, use in pools, saunas, or hot tubs.
  10. LiquaShield is a latex-free product with non-sensitizing medical tape. Should any sensitivity occur, discontinue use.