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LiquaShield® Water Resistant PICC Line and Catheter Cover Protection
LiquaShield® products provide water resistant protection for showering. Patients that have a PICC line, central line, IV lines, or a port will benefit from purchasing LiquaShield. Patients will be able to safely shower without risking infection from waterborne pathogens. LiquaShield should also be applied as a secondary dressing to wounds and parts of the body that have had surgery before showering, to minimize the risk of infection.

PICC lines, catheters, wounds and surgical sites all need to be kept dry when taking a shower in order to prevent infection. LiquaShield was designed to safely and effectively address this need. The product is a waterproof, latex free clear film with a medical grade adhesive tape around the edges that is water resistant when in contact with the skin. Because the adhesive tape is on the outside perimeter of the film, it will not compromise or adhere to the catheter, PICC line or primary dressing. Patients or nurses can apply the product in less than a minute; enjoying the freedom and comfort in the ability to shower safely, with reduced risk of infection.

LiquaShield was meant to be a disposable product, and gives you the peace of mind that you are reducing the possibility of infections caused by waterborne pathogens that can occur with non-disposable products. LiquaShield is available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of keeping sites dry. Whether you have a central line, port, PICC line, or just had surgery, LiquaShield has got you covered.

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