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Catheter Related Bloodstream Infections (CRBSI) are expensive and no laughing matter.

A single incident of CRBSI can cost as much as $56,000 to treat, once the cost of pharmacy charges, catheter changes, lab tests and an additional day in the ICU are totaled up. (1)

Research by Richard P. Shannon, M.D. showed an average $26,839 loss to the hospital for each patient who came down with a central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLAB). The average payment for a case complicated by CLAB was $64,894, and the average expense was $91,733.

Between 2011-2029, baby boomers will be turning 65 at the rate of about 8,000 a day. If they are on Medicare and acquire a CRBSI or other healthcare-acquired condition, the reimbursement rate to hospitals will be $0 due to legislation that was passed in October of 2008.

“The elimination of these preventable infections constitutes not only an opportunity to improve patient outcomes but also a significant financial opportunity.” (2)

It has been estimated that each year in the United States a total of 250,000 cases of CVC-associated BSIs occur. Approximately 80,000 of these infections occur in ICUs. The overall attributable mortality rate is estimated to be between 12% to 25%; it remains unclear as to the rate for critical care patients. The attributable cost per infection is an estimated $34,508–$56,000 while the annual cost of caring for patients with CVC-associated BSIs ranges from $296 million to $2.3 billion. (1)

MedCort Inc. is partnering with hospitals, clinics and home healthcare agencies in the fight of preventing healthcare-acquired conditions. Healthcare providers can lower their costs by implementing LiquaShield as part of their infection control regimen vs. treating the infection afterwards.

Healthcare Pricing & Structure

MedCort has made LiquaShield available to hospitals, clinics and home healthcare agencies with special pricing and packaging available to meet the institutions needs. Currently our products can also be ordered thru Owens & Minor and EVP Distribution.

MedCort, Inc’s vendor number with Owens & Minor is 4241 and our respective part numbers are listed as follows:

  • 7×7     – 42417007CSE
  • 7×10   – 42417010CSE
  • 10×10 – 42411010CSE
  • 10×12 – 42411012CSE

MedCort can also work with most major distributors as a means for providing our product.

To keep costs even lower, MedCort can also ship direct from our warehouse to your facility weekly or monthly. For pricing and ordering information, please contact us at: 954-586-4824 or email: sales@medcort.com

Distributors and pharmacies who are interested in partnering with LiquaShield are encouraged to call and ask about our re-seller program.



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