Q – I have sensitive skin, is LiquaShield going to be ok to use?
A – Yes, LiquaShield is a latex-free product made with non-sensitizing medical tape.

Q – Can LiquaShield be used more than once?
A – No, LiquaShield is meant to be worn once while showering and then discarded. Re-using LiquaShield will decrease the products effectiveness.

Q – Can I wear LiquaShield when I’m not in the shower?
A – We do not recommend using LiquaShield as a primary dressing.

Q – Can I wear LiquaShield in a swimming pool or hot tub?
A – No, LiquaShield is not meant to be submerged under water.

Q – Will LiquaShield pull off my PICC Line when I remove it?
A – No, the Medical adhesive tape is 3/4″ wide and is manufactured on the border of the product.

Q – I purchased the wrong size of LiquaShield, can it be returned?
A – Yes, please visit our Policies page for return and exchange information.

Q – My shopping cart does not show the quantity I want to order
A – When you make any change to your order such as quantity you must click the “UPDATE” button

Q – What is the best way to apply LiquaShield
A – Please visit our directions for use page HERE